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Doll Maintenance: 


Each flaws will be notified under the photo and on the description of the doll, but it may be that during the transport or the time, and the temperature your doll can be modified, it will be necessary to store it in a dry place and without smoke or not near a heat zone or radiator.

thank you not to wet the dolls or modify it if you do not know how to do it.

if you add new eyes it is necessary to remove the backplate and the screws, but it is at your own risk.

If you stained your doll you can use a shower or magic sponge and rub gently with cold water.

no direct exposure to the sun or heating.


General and complaints:


All our dolls are handmade, which means that they are not perfect like factory, when you accept the conditions of sale, you must agree with that.

do not accept any exchanges or any returns, problems related to transport can not be the object of complaint.

However for any problem please contact me to find a solution in accordance with your problem.




Shipments allowed 48h and 72h working days to send it.

if the dolls are not made to order.

We have 2 types of shipment:

by mail, with tracking

or by express delivery (EMS, UPS or DHL)

For shipments outside Europe:

we are not responsible for your taxes, however you can contact me to put your package with a lower value.

You accept the conditions of sending and the risks.

All the dolls will be sent with tracking and packed carefully.



All payments on the site is done with paypal or credit card, your information is secure and confidential.

you are fully aware of your purchase and with legal age.

Once your payment accepted you can not retract.

only legal delay of the legislation in force in the country on the object purchased remotely on an online shop platform.

you buy in goods and services governed by the law of commerce online. for more information consult us.