Hi this is Tiaré ( a Tahitian Fower) my latest custom


Her base doll is:

Prima Dolly Ebony (Original Takara blythe) RBL molde 


All usual Carving done:


Nose, nostrils, Chin, mouth...

Makeup by Rembrandt pastel

Eyebrows in dark color to match her hair

Sweet baby face expression

No freckles

light glitter added in final touch to give light on her face

sealed with MSC UV and final layer semi Gloss

Backplate with Sugardoll signature + sealled with MSC semi gloss

Lids art in gold glitters but no sleepy eyes

blogged eyes, eyes corrected. 

New lashes

New pullring + charms in natural stone.  

Licca body 

Original hair, washed bob haircut 

open mouth + teeth inside 



Flaw: she's handmade so not factory perfect, her body is not exactly the same tone skin as her face. sanding on light tan are difficult a tiny mark of sanding under the chin may be slightly visible on close up. 



*the weather is bad, so her skin seams more darken on the pics. the fotos has been taken with a good camera no filters. 

on some pics her hair are wet due to the spa hair + rain. 


she's RBL so you can change easier her scalp if you want to change the hair, chips yourself in the future.


She will traveled with one outfit of my choice and tracking. 

I will not change anything on the doll

doll sold as she is. 

( please read the my rules and conditions)

allowed 3 open day to send her 


Please remember :

Due to the covid situation the post can be slower

if you want a faster shippment use EMS option. 





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