Reserved listing (payment 2)
Second payment for holly 

Hi this is Holly, 

SBL prima dolly ginger base doll
Work done: 
All usual carving + sealed with MSC semi gloss
Mouth opened + teeth inside. 
Glossy lips
Makeup by Rembrandt 
Stock Hair washed. 
Blogged eyes, eyes corrected. 
Sleepy eyes + lids art and new lashes
New charms and pullrings. 

Licca body in tan 
4 realistic eyeschips (puppelina + Jg custom) 

Flaw: SBL head are hard to open she has a tiny mark above his forehead covered with her hair and I sand and add MSC not visible full light or lamp on her mark. 

She will traveled with one outfit of my choice
Tracking number 

Reserved listing (payment 2)

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