Reserved for my dear Kim (please don’t buy if you are not Kim) 

Hello this is Cora my latest Custom  Blythe Original takara SBL molde Velvet Minuet With Original scalp (washed and bang trimmed)  Work done:  Sanded faceplate + backplate Backplate with Sugardoll signature. All usual carving (chin, nostrils, nose, mouth...) Makeup by Rembrandt pastel Light freckes with watercolor (faber Castells) Eyesbrows with watercolor in brown color  Ears (glued) + earings Mouth gently opened with tiny teeth inside4 Jg Custom eyeschips realistic 1 Licca Body New pullring and charms Lids art + sleepy eyes New lashes Blogged eyes + eyes corrected  She will traveled with one outfit of my choice, I will not change anything on her Allowed 4 open day to send her.  Flaws: SBL are hard to open, but I’m pretty lucky she is not broken inside but the done is not glued perfect as factory, her eyeballs are a little bit yellow on SBL it's pretty commonTiny defect on the chin under the mouth (not very visible) due to hard sanding but I put makeup on it to cover.  *(Her head still a little bit open on the pictures, I need to put her screws she will be totally closed when I will send her of course!) You can choose express and safe delivry in the option on the shop by EMS or UPS... or Airmail + tracking. (Cheaper) but due to the coronavirus USPS, Post... are slow.  Please read carefully my rules on the shop  No hold/no layaway for now.  I can declared lower value on your parcel but you can contact me after buying. Thank you


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