This is Aloha my latest Blythe customised
Aloha is a ROXY BABY base doll (SBL)
With 3 realistic eyeschips by Puppelina and Jg Custom + 1 pair of Stock in turquoise
Licca Body in tan color to match with her tone skin
she had all usual carving
sealed in final layer with MSC semi gloss
backplate with sugardoll signature and sealled. 
some Mica glitters are added on her skin to give her light on her face
all makeup by Rembrandt pastel
light freckles added 
Blogged eyes and corrected but no lids art or sleepy eyes
new lashes in natural color dark brown
Stock hair washed 
open mouth with teeth inside with translucend FIMO
glossy lips
piercing lips glued.
new pullring and charms
flaw: sbl are the worst to open her head, her sclap is glued but not perfect like factory. her licca is with tilt neck so her head can turn easily but a little bit too much.
handmade is not perfect like factory please don't buy if you want a perfect doll.
she will traveled with box and outfit
I will not change anything on her sorry, sold as she is.
please allowed 4 days to send her, due to the situation she will be send by UPS with tracking. 
still working well and faster.


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