First : What is a Blythe doll? 


Blythe is a fashion collectible and plastic doll, about 29 cm (12 inch) tall, with an oversized head and large eyes that change color and position with the pull of a string. It was created in 1972 and was initially only sold for one year in the United States by toy company Kenner (later purchased by Hasbro).

You can also follow this link to know all about them, History and more about those amazing dolls:


My custom work on Blythe:

All dolls are handmade and this is the work done step by step is:

1) I Take a base Blythe doll  and I open the head, removing all the screws

2) I Sand all the plastic of the faceplate and backplate

3) I Start with the carving Carving of the nose, philtrum, chin and mouth, nostrils...

I use different chirurgical scalpels, Manicure tools, diamonds files and Jewelry tools. 

4) I Wash the faceplate well with cold water to start sanding all the faceplate and backplate with different sandpaper fine and stronger and sponges - I wash again to remove all the dust. 


5) after the carving done I sealed with MSC matte and last layer with semi Gloss 

6) After drying I start the first layer of makeup of all the face, with Rembrandt pastel and sometimes I use Panpastel, I made eyebrows, shadows, glossy lips and I try to made all my dolls with realistic faces.

7) after that I put another layer of MSC and I start with another layer of makeup to give more substance, shadows and color​...every time I need... can be 3 layers of Makeup sometimes. 

and mostly I finish with a last layer of MSC UV and semi gloss.

8) Once all is dry faceplate + backplate, I removed all the eyes chips, and I start painting the lids with watercolors pencils or acrylics and I seal before and after everything again with MSC. 

9) I put new eyes chips... 

If I add some teeth inside the mouth I made it with translucent FIMO.

10) I changed the look of eyes with gaze correction, blogged eyes and I made sleepy eyes.(mostly not every time) 

I put new lashes.


11) Mostly I change the body for a new one, like Licca, or Obitsu (I prefer Licca). depend what I have or what I want at time moment. 

12) I changed the pullrings with new nice charms. 

13) and finally I start the spa of the hair if they are synthetic (sometimes I start before customizing it's better) (haircut, washing...) or I put a reroot, weft with natural fiber like Mohair or Alpaca. Mostly I start with the hair at the beginning. 

14) and when I finished every step I put the body and head + hair together, Screws.... 

Mostly I made a doll in 4 days but can take one week or 10 days too. during my process I take a lot of breaks to have a positive view on my work. and sanding take me a day. 








* All the pictures are there as example "step by step" but is not always the same base doll or the same doll. 

here some customs by me

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