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I have chosen Sugardoll because some years ago my partner has created wood toys for parrots, called "Sugar wings" it's not his work but it was a nice success so I decided as a tribute to take "sugar" as my brand, because is thanks to him if I made custom.  

About Me

Hi, my name is Amandine ( Mandy for friends) 38 old, in relationship with the love of my life since 15 years, I would to say first: I'm very sorry for my bad english I speak better Spanish than English ;) well now a little about me: I'm French but I lived in different places in the world, like French Polynesia (Bora Bora) and in Spain almost 18 years, I'm travel addict, dreamer optimistic and Thailand lover, and I love art, drawing, ( I draw since my childhood a big passion!) I love also animals and nature before to leave Spain in 2017 I was working in a big company in Barcelona as manager and team trainer, I took the train every day to go to the "big city" but when I turn back home, I was living in a countryside village in my little paradise, with my horses, parrots, goat, chicken, dogs and rabbit, and I was also dog breeder during 10 years, I won with one of my dog born at home the world championship of beauty in Italy and Crufts in UK it was a big pride for me, after that I leave the dog world and I find the dolly world,  first as collector, my first custom Blythe come to me for my birthday in June 2016, I fell in love with this amazing cuties, I know blythes since 2001/2002 first I find them strange and ugly but fascinating, and I start to take some informations about them in internet, I follow many conversation from different passionate people, but I find them at this time too expensive and hard to find so I forgot them for a while, I was very busy with my life, my dogs and my work. In 2017 some months ago to leave Spain for the work of my man and mine, one day I open my facebook and I came across a beautiful custom Blythe her name was "Tallulah" made by my dear friend Susana, it was love at first sight and start to follow some beautiful and famous customizers, I buy another custom for my own collection, and I spent hours admiring customs. My lovely fiancé see all my interested and I think it was a little tired of hearing me talk about dolls all the time ahaha so he told me: " Why you don't try to made dolls for you" it was the best advice he gave me, I was so excited, but afraid too but I decided to buy some tools and fake blythes to try... it was soooo addictive I start with 1, 2,3... and after that I couldn't stop it!! this is a real passion and I love that... of course I still a beginner and I learn every day again; but when people start to ask me to buy my dolls because they like them it's my best pride and joy!